Raid Schedule

  • Friday 6pm to 9pm Server Time (Pacific Time Zone).
  • Saturday 9am to Noon Server Time

Normal Difficulty Alt Run - Completely optional

  • Thursdays 6pm to 9pm Server Time (Pacific Time Zone).

Raid Roster

Our main raid roster consists of Legionnaires with the occasional trial member. Our Thursday alt and social-friendly Normal run is open to anyone in the guild as long as you meet the minimum requirements.

Raiding Expectations

  • Invites start going out at 5:45pm PST. Please be in the raid zone by 6pm PST and ready to pull the first boss.
  • Maintain a reasonable rate of attendance (75%+).
  • Keep your gear up-to-date (we highly encourage you to run Mythic+ dungeons with the guild regularly).
  • Study up on strategies before the raid. GMiH strats will be posted in Discord and you can feel free to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you have there.
  • Install and use Discord.
  • Install and use DBM (or Big Wigs).
  • Have a good attitude. Everyone gets frustrated, but don’t take it out on your teammates.
  • RSVP to raids using the in-game calendar. RSVP by midnight each Tuesday to secure your raid spot. If you habitually choose not to RSVP to the calendar, Rissi will leave you off of the calendar and you won’t have a guaranteed raid spot. Recruitment efforts are based on our calendar RSVPs, so don’t lose your spot because you can’t click on the calendar once a week.


<Great Moments in History> expects that Legionnaires will maintain an attendance record of 75% or higher.

If you’re going to miss a raid, please post in the “Truancy” Discord channel as soon as possible. Vacations, sick days, etc. are understandable, but please let us know as soon as you know so we can plan the roster accordingly.


  • While we are a mature guild that allows mature (or rather immature) humor and profanity, please help keep the guild a harassment-free space for everyone. <Great Moments in History> prohibits harassment based on performance, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof). If someone asks you to stop, or you’re lashing out in anger, be willing to apologize and move on.

  • If you are having issues with another raid member, please contact an officer to resolve the issue.

  • Contact officers with your concerns after (not during) raids, so we can properly give your issue the attention it deserves.

  • Act maturely and responsibly in and outside of raid. You are a representative of our guild, and our guild treats everyone with respect.


<Great Moments in History> has a limited raid schedule, so it’s incredibly important that everyone comes prepared and ready to perform. We’re happy to help our guildies out as much as possible. Check the forums or Discord for more information about strategies, class discussion, and useful addons/resources.

Guidelines for Great Raiding

  • Know your class.
    • Use your potions, healthstones, dispels, cooldowns, etc.
    • Keep up with your Artifact Points.
    • Perform well with respect to your class and role. If you’re having issues getting to where you think you should be performing, please get in touch with an officer for tips, guidelines, and help with learning strategies.
    • Research your class and be aware of which specs are underperforming. Spec accordingly.
    • Talk to your fellow teammates. Sharing what works and what doesn’t is how we all get better.
  • Know the fights.
    • Follow raid directions. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s important to learn from them and take them seriously.
    • Read/watch strategies and participate in forum discussions when possible.
    • If you have suggestions about minor changes we can make to strategy, feel free to bring it up in raid. If it’s a major change, it may be best to discuss it in Discord or on the forums after raid.
  • Come prepared.
    • Come to raid equipped with flasks, potions, food, and any other consumable that may boost your performance.
    • The guild will help provide these as much as possible.


With BfA, Blizzard is moving to personal loot for everyone.

We’ll use personal loot with the following expectations:

  • Players who can trade loot and don’t want the item themselves will link the item in raid chat and ask people to roll for it.
  • Players who see an item up for grabs in raid chat can roll for it.
  • Players should not whisper their fellow players about loot. If you don’t see it in raid chat, it’s not up for grabs.
  • If someone is whispering you and annoying you about loot, tell them so. If it becomes a problem, let an officer know and we’ll have a frank discussion about behavior in our raids.